Tenant Insurance

In effort to bring you a better storage experience and as we can’t predict the future (we wish we could), Sawdust Road Self Storage believes insurance is a necessary tool to ensure our clients are protected against the unknown. That’s why we require all of our tenants to have insurance either through Storsmart Insurance or your homeowner’s policy.

To meet our policy, please bring in a copy of your homeowner’s insurance within 30 days of move-in if you chose not to obtain StorSmart Insurance.

*Sawdust Road Self Storage is not an insurance advisor nor agent*

How Much is it?
Storsmart offers numerous plans and protection starting at $9 per month.

What’s Protected Under StorSmart Insurance?
•         Fire or Lightening
•         Windstorm or Hail
•         Weight of Ice, snow, or sleet; or collapse of building
•         Smoke or water damage, except for flood
•         Vandalism, Malacious mischief, or burglary
Note this is only a partial list of our coverages. Please consult the Certificate of Insurance for additional coverages and details.

StorSmart Insurance Contact Information

We hope you never have to file a claim, but just in case you do you will need to contact StorSmart Insurance directly.

StorSmart Insurance